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Welcome to my world through a lens. I have enjoyed over four decades of photography across the board harking back to the vibrant streets of London's East End during the 1960s. As a child, I always looked forward to school trips to snap away with my humble Kodak Instamatic

In 1963, Kodak introduced its Instamatic 100 camera designed by Frank A. Zagara of Kodak staff. It could be loaded with film cartridges ready to shoot. The Instamatic won a Certificate of Design Merit from the Industrial Designers Institute and was produced until 1966.

I loved photographing London landmarks and even though our neighborhood was poor it was rich in heart and character. I rolled about trying to capture unusual angles and dangled from rooftops marveling at a fascinating bygone era running rampant in my creative mind.

It was inevitable I would end up in college where I studied drama, art, and photography for three years. Life's unpredictability changed my path thereafter and I moved to East Runton in Norfolk with my family after my course.

We started a restaurant business that continues to function to this day. My photography went into hibernation for six years then gradually awoke when someone was let down on their wedding day, the rest is history and I haven't stopped since.

I have been blessed to meet some wonderful photographers along the way, who introduced me to models, actors and, celebrities. It was a massive learning groove, however, I never forgot my roots and continued to share my experience with people from all walks of life, treating them with equal enthusiasm and using my new found direction and technique to produce results.

Photography is an infinite canvas and I learn something new every day. Nowadays I'm totally freelance and love photographing the breathtaking landmarks in Norfolk, I also cover the many festivals, carnivals, and events in our picturesque region.

It's always fascinated me when people ask "What style photography do you specialize in"? My answer is "Photography" the same answer a musical producer would give if asked, "What music do you produce"?

Weddings reign supreme in the challenge stakes, I can sincerely say that because it's a different buzz from any other style. I took a top fashion photographer on a wedding shoot a few years ago and he thoroughly enjoyed the day, in his words "I now see weddings in a different light"

I still do a few weddings, with a difference. I throw direction, passion and new ideas into the mix. I travel on a global scale, and I plan to share some of the most memorable results on my blog soon. I throw in a pre-wedding shoot because I feel it's so important to get to know each other before the big day.

Each wedding is unique, so a chat over coffee is essential to grasp what is needed, always without obligation, one must establish that I'm the right photographer for the job.

I'm delighted I still receive the occasional telephone call from models and actors who have climbed the ladder, it's a delight to work on new projects now and again. 

I'm excited that I will be the official photographer for the Cromer carnival again this year and look forward to capturing the magic.

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