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Welcome to Norfolk Gem Magazine, a freelance online news source highlighting a variety of topics from beautiful Norfolk in the UK. The reports, interviews, pictorials , video and listings are compiled on a voluntary basis by the admin of the blog and editorial contributions by the people of Norfolk.

If you have anything news worthy and Norfolk related please use the contact section to send your information to news desk. Submission will not always be possible and will be subject to time and availability.

The magazine also embraces genuine charity and worthy causes and will highlight any events you may be organizing, so please get in touch.

Norfolk has a wealth of places to visit with it’s outstanding natural beauty and offers the ideal backdrop for breathtaking photographs, It’s no wonder people visit from across the globe.

The region is graced with some amazing characters waiting for that fascinating interview so it’s not just shows and celebrities that are of interest.

Norfolk hosts some of the biggest events in the UK so there will be plenty to report on over the coming Months – Norfolk fans across the world now have a base to show their appreciation so if you live elsewhere and have experienced this magical part of the country it will be great to hear from you.

This is an interactive magazine run by real people so please make the most of the message, twitter and sharing facilities, all input is greatly appreciated.

NGM - Norfolk Gem Magazine

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